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James Franco 

well fuck

Porque siempre cometemos los MISMOS errores ? PORQUE ?

"El pasado, déjalo allá. No te tortures con los recuerdos, las cosas duraron lo que tenían que durar."

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isn’t it weird to think that if you were raised differently, if you lived somewhere else, if you said yes to that boy who asked you out in eighth grade, or if you played a different sport your life would be completely different? One little thing, one little choice can change your entire life.

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My mom and I gave my little brother one of these balloons a couple months ago, and a few days later he said it creeped him out because sometimes it would rub against his wall or the shadow would make him think there was a person in his room.
So, of course, for his 14th birthday we decided to buy 14 of them and fill his room when he was out. 
When he got back home and went upstairs we waited to see how he would react and weren’t disappointed when we heard loud screams and curses. 
Then, because I’m an asshole, I moved them into our guest room (aka, my dad’s closet) after my dad had fallen asleep.
I was woken up this morning by my dad screaming.
Clearly because this is a fantastic idea, whoever pisses me off will wake up surrounded by smiley balloons.
Let the games begin

My brother ate the last slice of cake

Enjoy your shower, motherfucker

Todo tiene un por qué, el problema es que a la gente no le gusta esperar para averiguarlo y se desesperan por saberlo cuando ellos quieren, pero todo tiene su tiempo, tienes que entender que las cosas no suceden cuando tu deseas que pasen, sino que pasan en el momento que tienen que pasar, no antes ni después.

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Dejar Ir en We Heart It.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner | Source